17-19 May 2017 - CRISCO - Université Caen Normandie



The 5th International Conference on English Pronunciation (EPIP5) invites proposals on any aspect of research on English pronunciation. EPIP5 welcomes proposals on a wide variety of issues, including (but not limited to) the following:
- Contrastive studies, native and non-native accents of English 

- Interaction between L1 and L2 sound systems

- Norms & reference accents

- Methodology of accent studies

- Phonological change

- Sociolinguistic aspects and issues of identity

- Teacher training

- Pedagogical implications of pronunciation research (goals, teaching methods, assessment, etc.)

- Information and communication technology in pronunciation teaching/learning

- Applications of pronunciation research
Abstract submission:  20th January 2017
Latest notification of acceptance/rejection: 13th Feburary 2017*
Deadline for camera-ready abstract for proceedings: 1st April 2017
On-line conference programme: 15th April 2017
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